DPS Guild

There is a rally to save local news happening this Saturday, May 15, at Freedom Center. Come make your voice heard loudly and proudly with your coworkers who you probably haven't seen in 14 months!
On Tuesday, Feb. 16, Alden and Tribune announced an agreement that would have the hedge fund assume full ownership of the company, with an outside investor taking on Tribune's Maryland properties. The joint bargaining units have put together a list of frequently asked questions about Alden's sale proposal and how it affects us at DPS.

Recent News

Amid the distraction of an armed insurrection in Washington, the joint bargaining team reached an agreement this week that ensures reporters and photographers won’t have to spend their own time and money doing their jobs.
Today we responded to the company with our own time off proposal calling for rollover sick days, personal days, and family leave. In other words, all the things the company left out of its proposal to us yesterday. Tribune agreed to split our time off into separate buckets of vacation and sick days, but their offer comes with a price: one less day off. The company's proposal also does not allow employees to carry time off over into the next year.
Today we presented the company with a letter about the majority of our members' pledges to use all our time off. But it's obvious there's still quite a way to go to get us the paid time off, including family leave, we deserve. Immediately afterward, Tribune representatives finally agreed to separate time off into a sick time allotment and a vacation allotment, but their proposal would cost you one paid day off!!!
Our agreement with the company to help facilitate the transition to NewsCycle has been approved by our members. Thanks to all who participated. This is a great illustration of why we have a union. The company didn't act unilaterally; instead, they came to us with a problem, and we worked together to reach a solution, which will help both parties.

We always welcome members who want to get more involved in the DPS Guild. No previous union experience needed!